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About Olivier SM

Some background to me: oliviersm-photographer-FM3A - Nikkor 50 - Kentmere 100 - 00778-1

I bought my first camera back in 2004. It was a digital point & shoot. From that point on photography has played a big role in my life. A creative outlet in one respect, but just as important a documentary of my life, and the lives of the persons around me.
I’ve grown and transformed many times as a photographer and I continue to do so today. From a hobbyist, to a portrait photographer, to a wedding photographer, back to a portrait photographer and so forth. What has transformed with me is the gear I’ve used and whilst I won’t mention all the gear that I’ve gone through since 2004. There have been certain gear acquisitions, which helped fuel my transformation as a photographer. Maybe I’ll go into the different changes in a few blog posts, but the biggest one was changing from digital to analog. This change is something that I will document in a post or two and will link them here once they are ready…so check back. Regardless, today I photograph almost exclusively analog (exception is my iPhone). So unless explicitly stated, every photo on this site was taken with an analog camera.

This site is about the happenings and the people around me through my photography; it’s about the body of work I’ve put together so far and that which will join it in the future.

I truly hope you enjoy and if you’re so inclined, leave a comment, send me a mail, let me know your thoughts, what you like, what you don’t like, if you’ve got got questions, or if you’d like to collaborate on something.

Olivier SM

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